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If the answer to any of these questions below is YES , means you know why your first attempt to market your business online failed. - Glenn Hansen

  1. Your web site was developed by amateurs that consider making web sites an experimental way of earning some money.
  2. The company that created your web site does no longer exists.
  3. You paid too much for a solution with a life cycle of less that 2 years.
  4. You paid too much for a web site you cannot update yourself.
  5. You are paying too much for maintenance
  6. The people that created your web site told you "Do not worry will take care of everything from now on"
  7. You never thought why you need a web site.
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Information for Resellers

All resellers call 407-977-4854 for terms and licensing.

  Note:  This site was created using our GroupWeb technology...this site is actually a GroupWeb.  The initial contents of this site were created by copying contents from our old website and the initial setup took about 15 minutes...then we decided to change things around to make it look better.  All changes were done through a desktop internet browser.  

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